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How to distinguish Ndfeb magnet N35-N52 performance

How to distinguish Ndfeb magnet N35-N52 performance
Dec 03, 2020

The method introduction of distinguishing Ndfeb magnet N35-N52 performance .

The magnet I ordered was N52 performance. How do I know if it is really N52?Or supplier use the N35 for shoddy goods?I believe that there are many friends confused about this, the magnet manufacturer Kings Magnet will share with you how to distinguish the performance of the magnet, to see whether they buy the real version.

Generally,Strong NdfeB magnet was divided into N35 /N38 / N40/ N42 / N45 / N48 / N50 / N52 grade/material number among N series,Differere material number has different magnetism.The higher performance grade, the magnetic product is also better,Include magnetism.However, NdFeB magnet is a kind of surface molecules and active product.So, NdFeB strong magnet surface should be electroplated, such as galvanized, nickel, nickel+ copper +nickel, epoxy resin, and so on.

Under normal circumstances, we do not always carry around the test product magnetic equipment, so how do we judge Ndfeb magnet product performance?To be exact, there is no way to judge the performance of a magnet product without any testing instrument.

Because they all look the same, we can't see any results. Maybe you found several magnet suppliers, some quoted 0.09, some quoted 0.05, which leads to the question, why that one quoted so cheap, is it really the grade I want?

In practice,Regarding of magnetic products, we often need to know performance. If there has gauss meter, we can use gauss meter to make judgement about the surface of the magnetic field, but we can use the product itself unique magnetic conditions to determine without gauss meter.For example, we use two magnets which you need to know its grade to attract or repel fristly, From this we can judge the magnetic pole of the magnet product, and we can judge the unified direction of the magnetic pole at least.Second, For translation of two magnets, We can feel  with hand and know the difference about magnetic strength of the magnet products.

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