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    Kings Magnet is a permanent magnet and magnetic products solution provider from Xiamen China,it is a high inovation company,specializing in R&D of magnetic systems,ndfeb magnet and ferrite magnet manufacturers.With professional technical teams and oversea sales team supports,kings magnet service have reached over 185 countries and regions by the end of year 2023.We devote to bringing best products and service to clients globally.Welcome to join us!   Member            R&D Team                 Sales 226                                              26                                         US$ 16,000,000+   Advantages Custom dimension and shape be accepted Various molds and magnetized fixtures Laminated Magnet,Magnetic encoder ring magnet,Radial oriented ring magnet are our features products Professional engineering team and sales team, over 10 years experiences Qualified strategic partners ISO90001:2015 certificates   KINGS Magnet Capacity 600 ton /month neodymium magnet 800 ton / month ferrite magnet 100 ton / month smco magnet   custom magnetic system        

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  • Strategy

    Thanks to our customer-oriented magnet solutions we offer real added value and are international permanent magnet and magnetic service and leader in technology. Provide permanent magnets for Complete custom made motor Solutions. Build the internation brand through our neodymium magnet solutions , services and outstanding quality. With our operational excellence we build the base for a profitable and sustainable company.    

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  • Mission & Vision

    Mission: To be a complete high quality and reasonable price permanent magnet provider firm that helps our respective customers Provide one -step solutions for permanent magnets and magnetic systems   Vision: To provide global customers with excellent permanent magnet solutions,To be a reliable partner is our vision, and to promote the progress and development of society in the new global energy era.   Values: We adhere to the principles of honesty,efficiency and excellence,and establish a frank and long-term cooperative relationship with partners.

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Magnets can be used for Compass, Medical Equipment, Loudspeakers, Electroacoustic Devices, Maglev Trains, Fans, Brakes, Relays, Motors, Generators.
  • Maglev Train
    Maglev Train

    Maglev train is a high speed maglev train system with a touchless magnetic levitation, guidance and drive system.   It uses contactless magnetic forces to lift the entire train, freeing it from the friction of traditional train tracks and moving at much faster speeds. Maglev train has the advantages of fast speed, strong climbing ability, low energy consumption, low noise during operation, safety and comfort, and no harmful substances. It uses an elevated mode and occupies a smaller area, which can provide a more stable riding environment.   Trains built using contradictory basic principles are called maglev trains, and contemporary luxury cars require 15-70 permanent magnetic machines. For example, wind damper motor, gasoline pump motor, window open motor, anti-theft lock motor, fog motor, car controller, starter and so on.

  • Wind Turbine
    Wind Turbine

    In wind turbines, magnets are mainly used to generate magnetic fields to achieve the conversion of electrical energy. The rotor in the generator contains a set of magnets, and the stator contains an electric coil. When the magnet in the rotor rotates, the electrons in the electric coil move with it, resulting in a current output. Therefore, magnets play an important role in wind turbines, which can generate a constant magnetic field, so as to achieve the output of electricity.

  • Robot

      The electric permanent magnet claw hand works with the robot.   There are many applications of electric permanent magnets in robots, and electric permanent magnets claw hands cooperate with robot operations, completely changing the traditional handling mode, improving work efficiency and ensuring product quality. With the continuous development of Industry 4.0, industrial robots are becoming more and more popular in the manufacturing field, transforming intelligent production operations and helping enterprises transform from traditional ones. In the processing and manufacturing industry, the application of robots are arc welding, spot welding, laser welding, laser cutting, machine tool loading and unloading, forging, stamping, assembly, sorting, etc. Each process runs through the entire process, different industrial robots to complete different processes.     For sorting, loading and unloading, handling and other operations, the electric permanent magnet claw hand evenly adsorbed the workpiece through the magnetic force, will not drop or damage the workpiece, fast translation and turnover action, to adapt to different workpieces and working conditions. Thus improve enterprise efficiency and core competitiveness!

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

    Nuclear magnetic resonance is a physical phenomenon that involves the interaction between the spin of an atomic nucleus and an applied magnetic field, which causes the nucleus to resonate. In medicine, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses this phenomenon to obtain image information inside the human body.   An electromagnet is a device that uses an electric current to create a magnetic field. It is usually made of a solenoid or coil that attracts or repels objects through a magnetic field generated by an electric current. Electromagnets are often used in electronics, communications, energy and other fields.   In magnetic resonance imaging, a strong magnetic field is required to excite and detect resonance phenomena in atomic nuclei. For this reason, high-strength electromagnets are often used in MRI devices to generate magnetic fields.   Therefore, although nuclear magnetic resonance and electromagnets are different physical phenomena, in some applications, such as magnetic resonance imaging, electromagnets play an important role. Here's how NMR works:   Spin: Atomic nuclei have spin and rotate on their own axis just like the Earth.   Magnetic moment: Atomic nuclei have a positive charge and therefore also generate a magnetic field. When an atomic nucleus spins, it creates a magnetic moment, which is the strength and direction of a magnetic field.   Applied magnetic field: Under the action of an applied magnetic field, the magnetic moment of the nucleus will be changed by the action of the magnetic field.   Resonance: If the strength and frequency of the applied magnetic field is exactly equal to the Larmor frequency of the nucleus, the magnetic moment of the nucleus will resonate. In resonance, the nucleus absorbs the energy of the magnetic field and deflects the magnetic moment instantaneously.   Relaxation: When the external magnetic field no longer acts, the magnetic moment of the nucleus will gradually return to the equilibrium state, this process is called relaxation. The nucleus relaxation process is an important parameter in magnetic resonance imaging.   Detection: In magnetic resonance imaging, the detection coil is used to detect the signal emitted by the nucleus during the relaxation process, so as to obtain information about the inside of the object. Using this information, a three-dimensional image of the object can be reconstructed.

  • Loudspeakers

    Loudspeakers are one of the most important pieces of equipment in our home sound system. Magnets can interact with coils in the speaker to produce sound. To produce a powerful sound, some small, high-power speakers use neodymium magnets. The speaker uses the magnetic field of the magnet to make a weak change in the current, resulting in different intensity of vibration, and emit different sounds.  

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  • Aug 09, 2023
    Strange magnetic material could make computing energy-efficient

    A research collaboration co-led by EPFL has uncovered a surprising magnetic property of an exotic material that might lead to computers that need less than one-millionth of the energy required to switch a single bit.   The method for magnetic switching on Mn-doped GeTe. Credit: Hugo Dil (EPFL)   The world of materials science is constantly discovering or fabricating materials with exotic properties. Among them are the multiferroics, a unique class of materials that can be both magnetized and polarized at the same time, which means that they are sensitive to both magnetic and electric fields.   Having both these properties in a single material has made multiferroics very interesting for research and commercial purposes with potential applications from advanced electronics to next-generation memory storage. By understanding and harnessing the properties of multiferroics, researchers aim to develop more efficient, compact, and even energy-saving technologies.   Now, an international research collaboration has uncovered some fascinating properties for the multiferroic manganese-doped germanium telluride (Mn-doped GeTe); the "doped" part of the name simply means that a small amount of manganese (Mn) atoms has been introduced into the germanium telluride (GeTe) crystal structure to modify its properties. The work holds promise for the future of energy-efficient computing but also offers a deeper understanding of the collective behaviors in multiferroic materials.   The project was led by Professors Hugo Dil at EPFL, Gunther Springholz at Johannes Kepler University Linz, and Jan Minár at the University of West Bohemia. The findings are published in the journal Nature Communications.     Dr Cinthia Piamonteze and Dr Juraj Krempasky working on an experiment of the study at the Paul Scherrer Institut. Credit: Dominik Kriegner (FZU)   More information: Juraj Krempaský et al, Efficient magnetic switching in a correlated spin glass, Nature Communications (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s41467-023-41718-4   Journal information: Nature Communications    Remake:Data Provided by Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne 

  • Mar 02, 2023
    Industry development prospect forecast

    1. The expansion of application scenarios to promote the growth of market size.   In the future, the continuous expansion of demand for new energy vehicles, energy-saving home appliances, energy-saving elevators, robots and other intelligent equipment, drones and other consumer electronics fields, and the strong support of the "double carbon" policy, the Ndfeb permanent magnet material market prospects are broad. It is expected that the market size of China's NdFeb industry will grow at a growth rate of 12%, and the market size will exceed 80 billion yuan in 2025.   2. NdFeb industry three development directions.   In the future, the development trend of NdFeb industry will have three development directions: product high performance, production customization, flexibility, and competition globalization.

  • Jan 01, 2023
    Industry supply and demand situation: Ndfeb production continues to increase

    NdFeb industry product output continued to grow.   Ndfeb products are widely used in modern machinery, involving consumer electronics, energy-saving home, industrial intelligence, new energy vehicles and other fields. From 2019 to 2021, China's NdFEB production has shown a continuous growth trend. In 2021, China's sintered NdFeb blank production was 207,100 tons, an increase of 16%. In the first half of 2022, China's sintered NdFeb billet exceeded 110,000 tons, with continuous growth year-on-year. Preliminary statistics in 2022, the production of sintered NdFeb wool embryo exceeded 230,000 tons.

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