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Nov 17, 2023


The electric permanent magnet claw hand works with the robot.


There are many applications of electric permanent magnets in robots, and electric permanent magnets claw hands cooperate with robot operations, completely changing the traditional handling mode, improving work efficiency and ensuring product quality. With the continuous development of Industry 4.0, industrial robots are becoming more and more popular in the manufacturing field, transforming intelligent production operations and helping enterprises transform from traditional ones. In the processing and manufacturing industry, the application of robots are arc welding, spot welding, laser welding, laser cutting, machine tool loading and unloading, forging, stamping, assembly, sorting, etc. Each process runs through the entire process, different industrial robots to complete different processes.



For sorting, loading and unloading, handling and other operations, the electric permanent magnet claw hand evenly adsorbed the workpiece through the magnetic force, will not drop or damage the workpiece, fast translation and turnover action, to adapt to different workpieces and working conditions. Thus improve enterprise efficiency and core competitiveness!

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