• Videos Jan 05, 2019

     We have the best sales staff to communicate with your requirment and then we also have a professional technical team to provide you with the best magnetic solutions.    

  • Videos May 06, 2020

    Advanced production equipment to meet customized needs. Assembly line mechanized production, product standardization, and precise product dimensional tolerances. Strictly regulate the quality inspection department to ensure the quality of finished products is standardized.  

  • Videos Jun 10, 2019

    Process flow: Batching → smelting ingot/strip spinning → powder making → pressing → sintering tempering → magnetic testing → grinding → pin cutting → electroplating → finished product. Among them, batching is the foundation and sintering tempering is the ...

  • Videos Jan 05, 2020

    1, Circular Ndfeb magnet Circular magnets include: cylindrical, circular, hole shape, disc shape, oval and so on. 2, Square Ndfeb magnet Square magnets include: square, rectangular, strip, square plate shape and so on. 3, Arc Ndfeb magnet Curved Ndfeb magnets Arc magnets include: circular arc, tile,...

  • Videos Dec 02, 2021

    Bonded NdFeB magnet is a magnet made of fast quenching NDFEB magnetic powder and binder mixed by "pressing molding" or "injection molding", the dimensional accuracy of the bonded magnet is very high, can be made into a relatively complex shape of the magnetic components, and has a molding, multi-pol...

  • Videos Dec 01, 2023

    As we all know, pot magnet is a magnet assembly that inserts a powerful sintered Ndfeb magnet into a durable steel housing or groove. Sometimes it is also called a pot, hence the name "pot" magnet. It is also known as a cup magnet or mounting magnet, fixed magnet. Permanent magnets are very brittle,...

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