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strong threaded neodymium pot magnets supplier

external thread pot manget
external thread pot manget
external thread pot manget
external thread pot manget
external thread pot manget

strong threaded neodymium pot magnets supplier

Multiple sizes, multiple thread options. High magnetic force, can be firmly adsorbed on smooth iron surface.


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This pot magnet with a countersunk hole, it can be easy used with screw to mount on the wall, ceiling or your other application. Normally the hole can with M3, M4, M5, M6, M8 or as your request.


1.Standard size of external thread neodymium pot magnet


2.Technical informations

Dimensions: Standard size or custom

Processing technology of steel cup: Stamping machining or lathe machining.

Surface treatment: Znic, Nikcel, Chrome, Epoxy, Color paint.

Tolerance: +/-0.05mm

Vertically force: From 2 Kg to 480 Kg


3.The main types of pot neodymium magnets

1. Countersunk hole type

2. Straight hole type

3. External thread type

4. Screwed bush type

5. Internal thread hole

6. Deep pot type

7. Block shap with one or two countersunk hole

Depending on the requirements of your installation, you can choose the appropriate type.


4.The application of external thread neodymium pot magnet



5.Packing & Delivery



6.Our test equipment

7.Our Certificate


Why did you choose us?

1.We have ten years' experience in making magnets.

2.We are committed to the development and production of high-performance, high-precision and difficult products, in order to meet the requirements of motors, sensors and other products for magnets to work stably under complex conditions such as high temperature.

3.We work with a lot of companies like Schneider Electronics; Continental; Liebherr-CMCtec GmbH; DAC Electric B.V; Quadral GmbH & Co. KG;MEMSIC;TNE Korea Co., Ltd; HPV Technologies Inc; Dantax Radio AS; Audio Note UK LTD(in UK) ; Stage Accompany; Audeze; Jahwa Electronics etc.




Q1.Why is the price of sample higher than that of batch?

A:For samples we don't have any profit. We only charge the cost of materials and labor. The higher the quantity, the lower the unit price.


Q2.Why I should pay the Magnetic inspection fee? What is Magnetic inspection fee?

A:The freight is only paid by us to the transportation company for you, and the magnetic inspection fee is also a necessary cost generated in the process of transportation. 

Freight companies require magnetic inspection reports when transporting magnets.Magnetic inspection report is a report provided by a professional magnetic inspection agency after testing that the magnet meets the transportation standards.


Q3.Why do I get magnets that break so easily?

A:Magnets are designed to be brittle and fragile. Remove the metal from the working area before using the magnet. Keep the distance between the magnets when using them at the same time. Even small magnets attracted to each other can break with such force.


Q4.Do you support exchange and return service?If I buy a magnet and I can't use it.

A:We do not support return or exchange service.As you know, the magnet is a custom product, which is completely customized according to your requirements. Besides you, no one else will use it.


Q5.What will you do if there is a quality problem?

If you have any problem after receiving the magnet, please contact us immediately and shoot a video to us.We make records and take pictures of all the details when we ship.If it's our fault, we'll take the blame.If it happened in transit, we are not responsible for it.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.